The Astrolander suit.

We proudly present the Astrolander suit . Done in collaboration with ESNE

100% Recycled polypropylene. Tailor-made. A thermoregulatory textile to guarantee the breathability and comfort of the user and to avoid transpiration that could affect the physical and psychological performance of the Astrolander during the mission.

Astrolanders are not allowed to leave the "domo"  without their space suit, a jumpsuit of polymers woven in one piece by 3D printing.  An antibacterial, tight, abrasion resistant and flexible suit that the chosen ones will have to wear when they go outside; upon entering they pass through a disinfection zone.

"Specifically, we have worked on the design and implementation of an exclusive helmet ventilation system for the cave, in addition to the integration of lighting systems and the incorporation of a double screen, a greater fan power and a polycarbonate visor of excellent optical properties adapting to the conditions in the cave (visibility, anti-fog, etc.) As for the textile design, concepts such as comfort and adaptability have been taken into account through an integral tricot design using Japanese Shima Seiki technology (similar to the one used by NASA).
In addition, inflatable and adjustable cervical ergonomic support has been incorporated under the helmet-backpack, to prevent the weight from causing inconvenience and thus improve the biomechanics in general of the upper body. Likewise, gloves have been developed using the same technology that allow their use with technological touch control devices that the suit itself has integrated at the height of the left wrist", declares the Esne team responsible for leading the design and manufacture of the suit.

This suit is a first version that is in constant evolution adjusting to the needs derived from our Astrolanders feedback.